Voting by Mail Information

Any registered voters in Macoupin County are eligible to cast a vote by mail ballot, without specifying a reason why they will be absent from the polling place on Election Day. Voters who registered by mail and did not provide sufficient proof of identity will be notified by the County Clerk that their registration is not complete. They will be ineligible to vote until they provide the required proof of identity at the polling place on Election Day or when requesting a vote by mail ballot.

If you are not a registered voter, you will need to register in person or by mail. For more details, visit the Register to Vote page.

In addition, the following unregistered voters are eligible to cast a vote by mail ballot:

  • Members of the United States Armed Forces while on active duty, and members of the Merchant Marines, as well as their spouses and dependents
  • U.S. citizens temporarily residing outside the U.S.
  • U.S. citizens overseas by virtue of employment or accompanying their spouses or dependents
  • Other U.S. citizens residing outside the U.S.

How to Vote by Mail

Step 1

You must apply to receive a vote by mail ballot. For more information on applying, visit the Applying for a Vote by Mail Ballot page.

Once you have applied and returned your signed application, the Election’s office will mail you your vote by mail ballot packet. A packet which includes a ballot, Instructions for Voting by Mail Ballot, certificate envelope, and a return mailing envelope with prepaid postage will be mailed to the voter. Ballots cannot be mailed more than 40 days before, or less than five days prior to, the election.

Step 2

Upon receipt of the vote by mail ballot packet, follow all instructions on how to vote and return the ballot to the County Clerk’s Office. Returned ballots by mail must be postmarked by midnight on the day before the election and received within 14 days after the election. Voted ballots personally delivered to the County Clerk’s Office by the voter must be received no later than Election Day before 7:00 P.M. A voter may authorize any person to return their ballot to the County Clerk’s office as long as the voter has signed the affidavit on the ballot envelope affirming that authorization was given to deliver the ballot.

Where’s My Vote By Mail Ballot and Did it Count?

If you want to see if your vote by mail ballot has been received and if it has been counted, you can use our Vote by Mail Ballot Lookup tool. Check your Vote by Mail Ballot status.

Military and Overseas Voting

Members of the Uniformed Services and their family members or U.S. citizens residing overseas whose last known address is in Macoupin County and wish to vote by mail may do so by completing and mailing an FPCA (Federal Post Card Application). By completing this application, you will automatically be sent a vote by mail ballot for one calendar year.

Access more information and download the FPCA form.

Nursing Home Voting

The County Clerk’s Office provides election judges to conduct in-person absentee voting to (registered) residents at those facilities who wish to vote. Voters must be a permanent resident registered at the nursing home address.

Vote by Mail Ballot Integrity

It is illegal to:

  • Make a false statement to obtain a vote by mail ballot or solicit someone to do so
  • Vote a Vote by Mail ballot unless you qualify for one
  • Have a candidate assist you in voting unless the candidate is a spouse, parent, child or sibling of that voter.

Do not let anyone:

  • Mark your ballot, or unduly influence your ballot selections, unless you require assistance. Individuals who cannot assist voters include the Voter’s Employer or Agent of that Employer, or Officer or Agent of the Voter’s Union.
  • On your behalf, sign your name to the Application for a Vote by Mail Ballot and/or certificate envelope. By law, the Macoupin County Clerk’s Office compares the facsimile signature at registration with the signature provided on the Application for Vote by Mail Ballot and certificate envelope.