Over 900 Confirmation Notices Mailed to Ensure Voters Registration Address is Correct

The Macoupin County Clerk’s office is making routine and legally required updates to the Macoupin voter file in order to ensure that the county has the most up-to-date voter information.

“Election security is my top priority,” County Clerk Pete Duncan said. “Accurate and up-to-date voter rolls are vital to secure elections. The notices my office is mailing this week are an opportunity for voters to update their registration or cancel their registration if required.”

The Election Office will mail a notice to voters that, according to information provided by the US Postal Service, have had a change in address and allow the voter to confirm that information. If the voter returns the notice with the proper information, their registration will be updated and they will be able to vote without issue in the future. However, if the notice is returned as undeliverable or not returned at all, the registration will be moved to inactive status.

Inactive voters remain registered to vote until they fail to vote in two consecutive federal elections. Inactive voters would have to prove their registration information is still correct before being able to vote and are unable to request a vote by mail ballot until their registration is confirmed. If after the two consecutive federal elections have not voted or updated their registration, their registration is cancelled.

Duncan also reminded Macoupin residents that if they receive a notice at their home for a family member who no longer lives there or a previous owner, they should not just throw the notice away. They should either return the notice to the office as undeliverable or contact the election office to find out what steps to take to cancel that registration.

“Keeping voter lists accurate reduce opportunities for mistakes or potential fraud,” Duncan said. “They also limit confusion and delays at polling places on Election Day. Anyone who receives a notice should either return it or contact our office to make sure the proper steps are taken to assure the public that our election system works well and that the results are fair.”

Over 900 notices, or about 3% of total registered voters, were mailed out. Anyone with questions on the notices or steps to take to cancel a voter registration should contact the Election office at (217) 854-3214 ext 918 or [email protected]