New Voter Cards Being Mailed to All Voters

Macoupin County Clerk Pete Duncan announced that new voter cards are being mailed to every registered voter in the county in the next few weeks.

Duncan explained that state law requires the Election Office to mail out voter cards to all voters every two years as a verification of registration records. The last voter file maintenance was done in October of 2017.

The maintenance mailing is done to ensure only valid registrations for voters are listed at in the voter file. This has multiple goals:

  • Makes sure a voter’s registration is complete and up-to-date before the voter tries to vote
  • Cleans the voter file of no longer valid registrations
  • Helps speed up Election Day sign-in process by shortening the list of voters given to judges.
  • Reduces costs in the election budget by requiring less ballots and supplies to be printed.
  • Every registered voter should receive a new card starting September 25th, Duncan stressed. The new card should be checked to make sure the name and address of the voter is up to date. If it is not, the voter will need to change their registration before the next election.

Voters are also asked that if a card arrives for a person who no longer resides at that address that the card be returned with a signature of a person living at that address saying the voter no longer lives there so the voter’s registration can be removed.

Duncan stressed how important this voter file maintenance is, “Keeping our voter rolls clean and accurate is something we’ve worked hard at since I took office three years ago. I hope all voters will be on the lookout for their new card and will make sure all information is included is accurate. We need their help to make sure their registration is up to date so they can vote without issue and help remove old registrations that are no longer correct off the voter rolls so Election Day runs smoother for all of us.”

If a voter does not receive a card, they can check their current registration status by going online to and using the ‘Voter Lookup’ tool or can call the Election office at (217) 854-3214 ext 707.

For more information or questions on the mailing or updating the voter file, contact the Macoupin County Clerk’s Office at (217) 854-3214, extension 707.