Macoupin Elections Website Gets Fresh Look and Better Features

As 2024 gets closer and election season heats up, Macoupin voters have a newly redesigned to get them vote ready.

Macoupin County Clerk Pete Duncan said this is the first redesign of the Macoupin Election website since it was launched in 2012 and helps voters find the information they need and get done what they need to do in order to cast their ballot.

Here’s some of the new features for voters:
* Prominent Search – Every page now has the search bar prominent in the upper right hand corner making it easier to quickly find what you are looking for.
* Expanded Quick Links – The quick links have doubled from 4 to 8 and now let voters quickly get to some of the most used site features like Voter Lookup, Register to Vote, Elected Officials, Election Results, Early Vote Info, Request a Mail Ballot, Track Mail Ballot, and Election Judge Info. For the first time, these quick links are on every page, not just the home page where they are most prominent.
* ‘Have a Question? We Have Answers’ On Homepage – There is now a contact form right on the home page so voters in a hurry to get an answer can submit their question and get a response back from the Election office quickly.
* Redesign of Popular Features – Some of the most popular features, like the Voter Lookup, are redesigned to make it easier to view the information you are looking for. With the voter lookup, finding your polling place, sample ballot, and registration status are easier than ever.
* More Frequently Asked Questions – With more questions nationwide about voting, the Election Office has more frequently asked questions prepared and featured more prominently on the banner links than before. Voters can quickly find answers to common questions on registration, voting, vote by mail, voting machines, security of voting, among other topics.
* ADA Compliant – For the first time, the MacoupinVotes website is designed with ADA compliance in mind. This will help make sure the website is accessible to all voters.
Duncan said an accessibility grant from the State Board of Elections paid for the ADA compliance work done to the website.

Voters are encouraged to check out the new to make sure they ready to vote in 2024.