Macoupin County Voters Can Request Application for Mail Ballot for November Election Now

While the March Primary Election might have just ended, there is already interest in voting in this November’s Presidential Election. Macoupin County Clerk Pete Duncan said that interest has only increased with concerns about the COVID virus and states with upcoming primaries moving to mail applications to vote to all voters.

“The decision to move Illinois to an all vote by mail election is one at requires state law to change,” Duncan said. “But that doesn’t mean if voters want to vote by mail in November, they won’t be able to do so.”

Duncan said for the first time, his office is accepting requests to have an application for a vote by mail ballot mailed or emailed to a voter on August 5th, the first day the Election office can currently accept an application.

“If you know you will be voting by mail this November, if you are thinking about voting by mail this November, even if you are just positive you will vote in November one way or the other, there is no reason not to request a mail ballot application. Too many voters called me before and after the primary and said ‘I wish I had voted by mail, but I just didn’t think about it.’ Well, let’s not make the same mistake twice. Because it’s not just the coronavirus and our primary., Tennessee had tornados the morning before their polls opened. New Hampshire had a snow storm overnight before their primary. Why risk not being able to vote because of something happening right before Election Day?”

Duncan said voters wishing to have an application mailed or emailed to them on August 5th can visit and select the ‘Request We Send You a Vote by Mail Application on August 5th’ in the ‘What’s New’ box. Voters can then enter their name, address, phone number and email before selecting if they’d like a paper application mailed to them or the online application emailed to them. Voters can also call (217) 854-3214 ext. 707 to request an application.

Voters were also reminded that postage will be paid for returning a paper application or ballot so there is no cost to voters. Voters with questions can email [email protected] or call (217) 854-3214 ext. 707.