County News:  January 11, 2021

Carlinville – Macoupin County voters may now apply for a vote by mail ballot for the April 6th, 2021 Election, Macoupin County Clerk Pete Duncan announced.

Voters have been able to apply since January 6th and ballots will be sent out starting February 25th.

“Although the Election is still just under 80 days away, voters can request a ballot now and it will be delivered to your mailbox in late February,” Duncan said. “Applying now is the first step towards being able to vote from your own home at your convenience.”

Duncan stressed that the Macoupin Election Office is now offering multiple ways to apply. Anyone can request a ballot online through, by phone, mail or in person.

Duncan stressed that applying online takes less than a minute and will remove a few steps of snail mail, making it more efficient for voters and the Election’s office. Voters will need the last four digits of their Social Security number, their driver’s license or state identification card, and either a phone number or email address. That information will be verified before the application is processed by the Election Office.

Duncan said he hopes greater numbers of Macoupin County voters take advantage of voting by mail or early voting in order to avoid congestion at the polls on Election Day. In the last two consolidated elections about 8 percent of Macoupin votes were cast before Election Day. He said he hopes for a higher percentage this year.

Duncan did remind everyone that regardless of how the voter applies, the signature on their ballot certification will be compared against the signature in their voter file by a team of Democratic and Republican Election judges before their ballot is counted.

Anyone with questions should contact the Election office during office hours (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) at (217) 854-3214 ext 918 or visit the website. Duncan did remind voters that state law requires that ballots will begin being mailed on February 25th so voters will be able to track their ballot online at and sign up for text or email notifications of their ballot being mailed to them and if it was counted.