Cahokia 1 Polling Place Changed to Benld Civic Center

Macoupin County Clerk Pete Duncan recently announced that in working with Cahokia Township government, the polling place for Cahokia 1 has changed to Benld Civic Center located at 201 E. Central Ave. in Benld.

Duncan advised voters that new voter registration cards are being mailed to all voters registered in Cahokia 1 with a notice sticker stating that their polling place location had changed. Duncan asked any Cahokia 1 voter to be on the lookout for their new card and call his office at (217) 854-3214 ext 707 if they have not received their new card.

Duncan also suggested that any voter could utilize early voting at the Election office if they wished to vote before Election Day. As this upcoming Election will be a General Election, there will also be early vote locations set throughout the county, including Gillespie and Benld.

The new polling place at the Benld Civic will be used for Cahokia 1 in the upcoming November 6th Primary Election so all Cahokia 1 voters should remember they will need to head to their new polling place at 201 E. Central Ave. to cast their ballot.