When candidate petitions go out for Consolidated Elections, there is always the question why does the City of Carlinville have a different filing period than all other local governments?

The answer to that goes back decades. State law allowed cities with more than 5,000 residents to nominate their officials through a partisan primary. The City of Carlinville chose to do so. In the last 20 years, there were at least 3 partisan primaries.

2015 Consolidated Primary Results
2011 Consolidated Primary Results
2005 Consolidated Primary Results

The turnout for these primaries was extremely low and costs county taxpayers a significant amount. So, in 2016, there was a question on the ballot asking if the City of Carlinville should instead have a nonpartisan primary which would only happen if 5 or more candidates filed for the same office, something that had never happened before. That referendum passed as provided by state law.

Notice of Nonpartisan Primary Referendum
Results of Referendum

Because that referendum passed, there is the possibility each Election cycle that 5 or more candidates will file and there will need to be a primary in February before the April Election. Candidates then follow the circulation period and filing deadlines for a nonpartisan primary.