If you’ve never voted by mail before, don’t worry – it’s easy. Plus, you get to avoid lines while keeping your fellow voters and poll workers safe and healthy. Here’s the steps you have to take.

Apply For A Mail Ballot Now

You can apply online right here. Fill out the online application and your request will be emailed right to us.

You can download a paper application to mail in right here.

Receive Your Mail Ballot

The first day ballots can be mailed is February 25th. If you apply before February 25th, your ballot will be mailed out that day. New ballots will be mailed out every business day after that.

You will receive your mail ballot packet at the address listed on your application. Your mail ballot packet includes:

Your Ballot
Secrecy Envelope
Voter’s Mail Ballot Certification Card
Voting instructions sheet
Postage paid return envelope
I voted sticker

We will have a ballot tracking option where you will be able to see your ballot being mailed to you just like a package ordered online.

Mark Your Mail Ballot

Completely fill the oval next to your choice(s) using a pen. Black ink preferred.

To vote for a candidate whose name is not on the ballot, fill in the oval to the left of “Write-in” and print the name clearly in the box.

If you make a mistake while marking your ballot do not cross out, instead call the Elections office at 217-854-3214 ext 918 or email [email protected] to make arrangements to receive a replacement ballot.

Complete Voter’s Mail Ballot Certificate

  • Put your voted ballot into a secrecy envelope. Seal only your voted ballot into the secrecy envelope.
  • Fill out your Certification card. The areas highlighted are what must be completed including printing your name, address, and precinct.
  • Place your certification card and the secrecy envelope with your ballot sealed in it in the return envelope and seal it up.

Mail Or Hand-Deliver Your Ballot

Place completed mail ballot return envelope addressed to the:

Macoupin County Clerk
P.O. Box 107
Carlinville, IL 62626

Hand Deliver to:
Macoupin County Clerk’s Office at Courthouse
201 E. Main St.
Carlinville, IL 62626

Your mail ballot must be either postmarked by Election Day or returned in person to the Election Office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.