Map Room

***2020 Redistricting Updates***
As you know, many of our districts and precincts are changing with the redistricting being completed before the 2022 Election. As we continue to update our maps, we will provide the new maps as they become available. If the link to the map you want to see has a line through it, like this, that means it is an out of date map from the 2012-2020 election cycles. We will get it updated as soon as we can.

The maps below provide information on districts and legislators.

County Board Districts
State Senate Districts
State Representative Districts
County Precincts

Congressional, State Senate and State Representative Districts (Provided by State Board of Elections)

Congressional District 13
State Senate District 50
State Senate District 54
State Representative District 100
State Representative District 108

County Board Districts

County Board District 1
County Board District 2
County Board District 3
County Board District 4
County Board District 5
County Board District 6
County Board District 7
County Board District 8
County Board District 9

County Townships & Precincts Maps

Barr Township
Bird Township
Brighton Township>
Brushy Mound Township
Bunker Hill Township
Cahokia Township
Carlinville Township
Chesterfield Township
Dorchester Township
Gillespie Township
Girard Township
Hilyard Township
Honey Point Township
Mt Olive Township
Nilwood Township
North Otter Township
North Palmyra Township
Polk Township
Scottville Township
Shaws Point Township
Shipman Township
South Otter Township
South Palmyra Township
Staunton Township
Virden Township
Western Mound Township

County Precincts Maps

Brighton 1
Brighton 2
Brighton 3
Brushy Mound
Bunker Hill 1
Bunker Hill 2
Bunker Hill 3
Cahokia 1
Cahokia 2
Carlinville 1
Carlinville 2
Carlinville 3
Carlinville 4
Carlinville 5
Gillespie 1
Gillespie 2
Gillespie 3
Girard 1
Girard 2
Honey Point
Mt Olive 1
Mt Olive 2
Mt Olive 3
Mt Olive 4
North Otter
North Palmyra
Shaws Point
South Otter
South Palmyra
Staunton 1
Staunton 2
Staunton 3
Staunton 4
Virden 1
Virden 2
Western Mound